Yaesu FT-ONE

Yaesu FT-ONE

Yaesu FT-ONE HF Transceiver AM/FM/CW/SSB/FSK 100W PEP. Condition is Used. 


So, where to begin with this one. First time I've worked on one, and it wasn't as daunting as I first thought. Could have really done with some extender boards to make life easier. If you regard yourself as capable, and it's going to be a keeper, invest in some.


Original fault was the dreaded flashing display. I have done a full re-alignment on VCO's 1-4. VCO 3 was right on the frequency limit, but not my biggest concern to be honest with something this age. It also had no drive and a few other issues.


It's now up and running with TX 100W, and RX. See the video link below for RX in FM mode. This is the easiest way to hear the sensitivity at -119dBm (.25uV). Also a picture of it in TX, into a power meter. My 2955 doesn't like anything over 75W being stuck into it.


I haven't checked the memory operations etc, just done the basics for a comfortable TX/RX.


Condition is fair, a few scratches and bits of paint missing, but overall fairly decent.


I have opened up the TX range so it is full TX through to 30Mhz. Not keen on the word wide banded. Seems to be a word people get seriously excited about.


I've set the price as for the FT501 I sold. You just don't see them often, so I'm not chucking it away. 


Collection only, and prepared to meet within reason. This one is seriously heavy, so check your bench will take the extra weight. I didn't chance it sharing the bench with a FT901 and FT980 at the same time. 


Complete with Up/Down Microphone and Power Lead.


See the Internet for the full spec, but this was once Yaesu's flag ship radio, and if you had bought one new, you had a very good job, or inheritance burning a whole in your pocket !!!!


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