Yaesu FT897 DSP HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver


I bought this one for myself to use at home and over at the unit. I repaired one of these for a local customer, and decided I wanted one. Since I bought it I have bought an FT-902, and sadly my heart is with the 902, and regret selling the two 901's a few months ago.


Anyway, I have had it on the bench. It has had the 3 Filters changed at some point which is a common fault, so it does work properly. I have done about half a dozen of these now, that had poor FM receive due to this problem.


Receives to manufactures specification, and transmit is about 90 Watts. I've left it at this due to the age, and accuracy of the power meter.


Comes complete with Microphone and Fused Power Lead.


Dispatched 2nd Class, Signed and Tracked.


    07513 626 639

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