Yaesu FT-501

Yaesu FT-501

Yaesu FT-501 400W HF SSB Transceiver Including External PSU and Speaker (Very Rare). Condition is Used. 


This really is something special, and would suit a collector I'm sure. This isn't for someone who is not familiar with not tuning Valve PA Transmitters. 


I've had this one a few months now, and decided to bring it up from the unit and run it up. Receives and transmits, but I've not gone in to any detailed checks as I  normally do. I've never seen one of these before, and there is little to none on the internet. With that in mind, I'm not going to just through it away from a pricing point of view.


So to the price, I've set it at this because I've never seen one, and never seen one on eBay. If it sells for what I want, it sells. If not, I will keep it and do a full restoration on it.


So, testing the receiver. Had it on the 2955 and it's not bad as it stands. Could do with a tweak, and doesn't look got at.


The interesting bit. These are supposed to be  400-500 Watt on SSB. It's a Hybrid with 2 X Valves as the finals. The problem I have is most of my work is sub 100 Watts. I have a 200 Watt Power Meter. I followed the tuning procedure right up to the last part with no problems. I didn't turn the carrier up fully for many obvious reasons. It was putting out a strong 180W with the carrier level set to roughly half way.


Valves for this are still available, as I checked before I bought it up from the unit. 


Collection only. I'm not sending this through the post. Willing to meet at a reasonable distance for the right price. No Microphone, just been using a Jack plug to test, but at the right price I could fit one. If you would like to collect I will run it up for you on TX and RX to prove it is working as best I can test.


It has had a strange repair on the power lead. Apparently there is a short in the cable. But once again, a job I would do if i decide to keep it. Other than that, it is in pretty good condition (See Pictures)


Any questions just ask.


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