ICOM IC-R71E Communications Receiver 0.1-30 Mhz All Mode AM/FM/SSB. Condition is "Used". 


Nice condition overall, see pictures for more detail. This one came to me with no audio or display. The display fault was a capacitor gone short, and the audio was the volume control itself that had been damaged. I stripped the control and put it back together. If I had to be critical, it just has a slight bit of noise right at the low end, but works fine. I would have replaced it, but I couldn't find another.


Cleaned and tested to manufactures specification and now working fine. I was an engineer working on ICOM equipment, and love the receivers of this era. Easy to use, and sound nice and crisp.


I won't answer stupid questions, or do silly requests as per my other listings, but happy to answer serious questions if it helps with a decision. 


Comes complete with mains power lead.



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