ICOM IC R-7000

ICOM IC R-7000

ICOM IC-R7000 Communications Receiever HF/VHF/UHF All Mode


In fair condition, see pictures for detail.


I bought this one for a friend, but he didn't tell me he wanted portable battery operated. Condition is fair, someone has drilled 4 holes in the top and filled them. A few scratches on the top, but overall doesn't look to bad. However, it does have the HF modification as a bonus, so makes it a capable receiver. Full specification on the Internet.


I have spent hours on this one, to tidy it up, and put it right. I found many proud stickers inside with call signs on, but personally I would not have put my name to any of it. I have replaced the battery back up. Another one sold to me as fully working, and then followed up with I can't remember how the memory works. So as I got back in the car, I mumbled under my breath " So the battery back up doesn't work then". Only, it was a little more colourful at the time.


The display had been left in the dim position so you could barely see it, bare wires everywhere, electrical tape, and screws nailed in to position with no heads. So I have tidied all of this up, tested it on the bench and it works to manufactures specification.


As with all of my equipment, it will have been soak tested. (See last picture). It's cold at the moment, so I have moved a few bits up from the unit, to the main house.


Comes complete with Mains Power Supply Lead.


Dispatched 2nd Class Signed and Tracked.


    07513 626 639

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