Eddystone EC10 Communications Receiver

Eddystone EC10 Communications Receiver

Eddystone EC10 Shortwave Receiver 550 Khz-30 Mhz in 5 Bands (Boxed)


Really nice condition Eddystone EC10 Communications Receiver, including original box. (See pictures for condition)


This really is beautiful, and hasn't been got at other than a few small repairs that I can see. Even from the pictures you can see reflections from the paint. I'm very passionate about Eddystone receivers, and this one is a looker.


This radio came to me with no receive. I have replaced the front end and mixer transistors with brand new (unused) OC171's as per manufactures specification. It also had a dry joint in the local oscillator.


Battery operated, so I have replace the battery box with 6 X C Cell holders (see pictures) so it's lot more easy to use. The parts removed have been bagged up, and nothing has been drilled or touched, should you wish to return it back to the original condition. The holders have been secured by sticky pads, not because I'm lazy, I just wanted to keep it untouched. I have seen many EC10's that have been abused, with sockets drilled into the rear panel.


The switches have been cleaned, and has been serviced by myself and it performs pretty well considering its age. All within manufactures specification, on all bands.


It is fairly heavy, but I am willing to post. However I will not accept returns due to broken glass. The frequency readout is printed on the glass, and if it brakes, it would really upset me. What would upset me even more, is a message to tell me it has been broken. You have been warned. I would much prefer collection and depending on distance would meet. Trust me, if you prefer delivery it will be packed well, and double boxed. The original box is also double lined.


The batteries will be removed before sending, and only fitted in place for demonstration purposes.


Dispatched 2nd class, signed and tracked.


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