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HQ software is a software solutions company specializing in software development of mobile applications and warehouse management. The products meet far-reaching needs of mobile and warehouse workers. It provides on-demand business information. The company aims to empower its clients to effectively improve and manage their business using efficient and intuitive solutions.

Project managers face main challenges including those that complex business requirements, new technologies, and limited capacities and challenging integration requirements. The challenges come with directives to maintain support for parallel testing and existing operations. The software mitigates the risks of businesses by providing recommendations using effective market tested experience.

The company focuses on development project software that provides an opportunity for exploring new techniques and technologies. The development teams are responsible for constructing software providing support, maintenance, and enhancement to the new application relevant to the business.

Products in the market include;

• Warehouse management software

• HqRoute mobile application for sales & distribution software

• HqSameday for Courier & transport industry

HQ warehouse management software

The software has 20 years experience in warehouse operations . It provides a one man pick and pack solution besides 3PL multi site warehouse. Supplies include hardware such as label printers and wireless handheld mobile computers.


• Picking and packing

• Goods receiving

• Stock management i.e. reordering and replenishment

• Carrier integration

• Serial and batch tracking

• Online portal customer access to ordering, delivery, and inventory levels

• Full audit of warehouse movement


• Improves utilization through efficient resource allocation

• Minimizes human error

• Efficient ordering process

• Identification of bottlenecks in all warehouse operations

• Tracking and recording customer issues

HQ courier and transport software

The software promotes efficiency in online customer booking and in-house back office systems. It also covers courier management, invoicing, accounts integration, and customer pricing.

Other features

• Automatic electronic POD email

• Scheduled call management

• Large suite margin and customer analysis and courier performance

HqRoute mobile distribution and sales system software

The application includes back-end office system that helps maintain all distribution, customer, pricing, and stock information. The handheld device empowers truck drivers to process transactions and record all sales and distribution. It also offers proof of delivery system. The software works in GPRS or batch mode in transferring all the data back to the central system depending on the business requirement.

The mobile handheld devices come with a printer. It can perform these several functions such as;

• Printing delivery docket with signature

• Recording money received and printing a receipt

• Reconciling stock and end of day cash

• Uses bar-code in scanning all transactions

• Record the customer’s electronic signature

• Stock count functions to maintain stock levels

• View route and customer details such as sales history

In addition, the software development comes with office database system, which helps in;

• Keeping customer details like pricing

• Keeping daily routes for each transport

• Printing delivery dockets and electronic signature capture

• Conducting full stock history and control for vans and warehouses

• Managing distribution and supplier details

HQ software lowers cost of business management and increases efficiency and accountability. The software fills all the missing gaps in the team and enables tracking of all deliveries and stocks. You can measure success from the successful delivery and cost effective results. Besides, customer satisfaction, you enjoy maximum profits arising from efficient business management.


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